Most Controversial Artworks Ranking

  1. Calm Waters II by Noah Li-Leger (average 2.9 stars, 15 ratings)
  2. Tete D'une Femme Lisant by Pablo Picasso (average 2.4 stars, 20 ratings)
  3. Skull, 1976 by Andy Warhol (average 2.9 stars, 38 ratings)
  4. Couple by Pablo Picasso (average 2.8 stars, 15 ratings)
  5. Dance at Bougival by Pierre-Auguste Renoir (average 3.2 stars, 15 ratings)
  6. 4 Seasons by Alphonse Mucha (average 3.5 stars, 15 ratings)
  7. Cariatide by Amedeo Modigliani (average 2.9 stars, 34 ratings)
  8. Structure Joyeuse,... by Wassily Kandinsky (average 2.7 stars, 29 ratings)
  9. Imoto by Stephanie Gardner (average 3.3 stars, 15 ratings)
  10. No 36 (Black Stripe) by Mark Rothko (average 2.6 stars, 22 ratings)
  11. Marilyn, 1967 (on red... by Andy Warhol (average 2.5 stars, 18 ratings)
  12. Bleu II by Joan Miro (average 2.7 stars, 22 ratings)
  13. Untitled (Logo... by Keith Haring (average 2.5 stars, 19 ratings)
  14. Lily by Jim Wehtje (average 2.8 stars, 20 ratings)
  15. Honey is Sweeter than... by Salvador Dali (average 3.6 stars, 20 ratings)
  16. Rite of Spring II by Carol Robinson (average 2.8 stars, 17 ratings)
  17. Untitled, 1962 by Mark Rothko (average 2.4 stars, 36 ratings)
  18. Jazz: Icarus by Henri Matisse (average 2.2 stars, 29 ratings)
  19. Aufleuchten, c.1927 by Wassily Kandinsky (average 3.1 stars, 33 ratings)
  20. Cinquenta... Tigre... by Salvador Dali (average 3 stars, 26 ratings)
  21. Head of Adam by M. Buonarroti (average 3.7 stars, 15 ratings)
  22. Mit und Gegen, c.1929 by Wassily Kandinsky (average 3.1 stars, 51 ratings)
  23. Harmonie Tranquille,... by Wassily Kandinsky (average 2.8 stars, 28 ratings)
  24. Guernica, 1937 by Pablo Picasso (average 3.2 stars, 18 ratings)
  25. Green, Red, on Orange by Mark Rothko (average 3 stars, 17 ratings)
  26. Head of God by M. Buonarroti (average 3.7 stars, 15 ratings)
  27. The Hands of God and Man by M. Buonarroti (average 3.9 stars, 15 ratings)
  28. Coot Hunter by Andrew Wyeth (average 2.1 stars, 17 ratings)
  29. Jaune Rouge Bleu, c.1925 by Wassily Kandinsky (average 3.3 stars, 42 ratings)
  30. Deux Thaitiennes... by Paul Gauguin (average 2.8 stars, 20 ratings)
  31. Sans Titre, c.1923 by Wassily Kandinsky (average 3.2 stars, 25 ratings)
  32. Gelb, Rot, Blau, c.1925 by Wassily Kandinsky (average 3.1 stars, 72 ratings)
  33. Number 18, 1950 by Jackson Pollock (average 2.8 stars, 141 ratings)
  34. Jeune Fille Devant... by Pablo Picasso (average 2.8 stars, 32 ratings)
  35. I and the Village by Marc Chagall (average 2.8 stars, 31 ratings)
  36. The Virgin, c.1913 by Gustav Klimt (average 3.5 stars, 32 ratings)
  37. La Nuit by Joan Miro (average 3.3 stars, 24 ratings)
  38. Absinth by Edgar Degas (average 3.6 stars, 16 ratings)
  39. Times Square Afternoon by Henri Silberman (average 3 stars, 25 ratings)
  40. Dream by Pablo Picasso (average 2.9 stars, 39 ratings)
  41. Girl with Red Beret by Pablo Picasso (average 2.5 stars, 29 ratings)
  42. Lovers by Marc Chagall (average 3.3 stars, 46 ratings)
  43. Red Baby by Keith Haring (average 2.2 stars, 16 ratings)
  44. Jane Avril by H. Toulouse-Lautrec (average 3.4 stars, 30 ratings)
  45. Ecumenical Council,... by Salvador Dali (average 3.3 stars, 19 ratings)
  46. Untitled, 1949 by Mark Rothko (average 2.6 stars, 85 ratings)
  47. Milieu Accompagne,... by Wassily Kandinsky (average 2.9 stars, 20 ratings)
  48. Number 8, 1949 by Jackson Pollock (average 2.8 stars, 56 ratings)
  49. Havasu Falls by C. Frank (average 3.2 stars, 70 ratings)
  50. Fulfillment, c.1909 by Gustav Klimt (average 3.1 stars, 102 ratings)

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