Framed Old Guitarist by Pablo Picasso (design your own)

Black Rounded, cropped (13.1" x 18.2")

More Info $115.99


Black Flat Front Petite (18.0" x 22.0")

More Info $126.99


Silver Box (17.6" x 21.6")

More Info $126.99


Oatmeal Rounded Bevel (18.0" x 22.0")

More Info $138.99


Gold Milan (19.4" x 23.4")

More Info $138.99


Contemporary Silver... (19.6" x 23.6")

More Info $144.99


Two Toned Brushed... (19.5" x 23.5")

More Info $149.99


Ebony and Silver Scoop... (20.1" x 25.2")

More Info $188.99


Silver Box, cropped, 2... (19.7" x 24.7")

More Info $190.99


Dark Bronze Box... (19.6" x 24.7")

More Info $190.99


Antique Silver Cairo, 1... (23.0" x 27.0")

More Info $194.99


Black Flat Front... (22.7" x 26.7")

More Info $194.99


Espresso Walnut Petite... (22.9" x 26.9")

More Info $200.99


Black Flat Front... (20.1" x 25.2")

More Info $206.99


Antique Silver Scoop... (24.1" x 28.1")

More Info $206.99


Black Stepped Front... (20.7" x 25.9")

More Info $212.99


Ebony and Silver Scoop... (20.6" x 25.7")

More Info $212.99


Espresso Walnut Petite... (20.2" x 25.4")

More Info $212.99


Dark Mahogany Petite... (21.5" x 26.6")

More Info $217.99


Contemporary Gold Slant... (25.4" x 29.4")

More Info $223.99


Contemporary Silver... (25.4" x 29.4")

More Info $223.99


Silver Slope Front... (24.0" x 29.1")

More Info $229.99


Silver Premium... (22.1" x 27.1")

More Info $293.99


Silver Premium... (22.6" x 27.6")

More Info $322.99

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Framing at

Visit the frame shop by finding an art print you want to frame. Click the "Frame It" button located on right side of the art print product page. offers over 15 Million framing configurations to choose from. Options fall in 4 different categories: cropping, moulding, matting and glazing. Learn the basics in this blog post.

How to Choose Matting for Framed Art Prints? A mat serves a functional purpose because it separates the art print from the glazing. Most importantly, it makes the framed art print look amazing. This blog post explains the do's and don'ts of matting.

Choosing the Right Frame is another fun challenge. Wood or metal? Gold or black? You can choose from dozens of different frames, also known as "mouldings". Our recommendations can be summarized in 3 bullet points: match, coordinate and contrast. Learn more in this article that shows you how to choose the right frame.

Finally, this video shows you how to Hang a Framed Art Print. You will learn about the hardware used to hang the art print, how to hang the art print and specific details to take into consideration when choosing a location. Please check out our YouTube video for more information.

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